Yet another period of “too busy to blog”, must make sure I budget some time to keep this updated.

Lots of spinning plates ATM:


Another council coming on board, this one with an “interesting” system that we had to integrate with. It did provide the “excuse” to tidy up some areas of code that really needed looking at, but the deadline was (as usual) completely insane, so once again compromises had to be made. I think I still managed to chip away at some of the technical debt from previous development, so I’m satisfied that I achieved the basic “at least leave things better than you found them”

There’s more interest from several other councils, but that requires the completion of a feature that’s been long-planned, but never properly developed. I completed a proof-of-concept for it a long time ago, it just needs coding and integrating properly, which I can mostly delegate.

Mobile app development

Parked my pet iOS project for the moment, switching back to Android for a bit. Got a personal project that would require an Android app, so I’m switching back and having all the fun of mentally changing gears between the two APIs. If it wasn’t for the fact this project is just Web+Android, I might have been tempted to look at Xamarin for cross-platform development, but there’s no requirement for iOS and I don’t really have the brain-space for yet another development platform right now.

Web development

I managed to find some time to complete a couple of backlog items for one of my projects; it’s getting scarily close to something that could actually be released for public consumption (or at least, open for beta). There is the usual “soft” requirements outstanding – decent home/landing page, ToS, privacy policy, those kinds of things. Fighting the natural “release anxiety” instinct to keep pushing back the release untilĀ just one more feature is complete.

Hardware development

No time for anything recently – soldering iron hasn’t even got warm. Managed to get my Microchip Harmony projects all tangled up – seems that it’s good at adding things to code, not so good at removing them again. So, a big learning step for me here isĀ tag the code before adding in new features, so at least I’ve got a known place to roll back to if things start going wrong


Actually managed to get out the the BrumPHP meetup this month, which I live-streamed. It was an interesting talk, the room was full and there were about a dozen or so people watching the stream live, plus quite a few more who expressed an interest in watching it on-demand. I even managed to go to the pub with everyone afterwards, rather than trying to race back and catch a bus, so that was nice. I’m trying to be a bit more “around”, rather than spending all my time tucked up at a desk banging on a keyboard.

Couple of freelance job opportunities came up, we’ll see what happens with those. I’m trying not to spread myself too thinly, but bills have to be paid, and it’s always nice to have spare at the end of the month. I really need a new laptop/netbook, given that mine have to be at least 7 years old by now, and are really starting to show the strain. Getting some money from a side-gig would be a guilt-free way of affording upgrades.