JBI Training

MySQL/HA Training Provider

Jul 2016 – Jul 2016


Development and delivery of an on-site bespoke training course covering MySQL and High-Availability systems for the support teams of a major international telecoms company

Key Responsibilities

  • Understanding the training requirements and assessing the skills gaps of individuals as well as the teams as a whole
  • Creation of a bespoke training course that addressed both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical work
  • Delivery of on-site training

Key Achievements

As with any team, different people had different training requirements – some were more theoretical in their approach, others benefited from a more hands-on and practical form of training. Following the course, the teams reported that they had a better knowledge of their own systems, and were more confident in providing both first-line support, and higher quality support requests when escalating to dedicated technology teams.

Tech Stack

  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • MySQL
  • CentOS Linux
  • DRBD
  • Heartbeat/Pacemaker
  • Server Virtualisation
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