Developer/Data Engineer

Mar 2017 – Jun 2017


Memrica Prompt was a mobile app that helped people suffering from memory problems to access their personal information (such as event reminders and notes on people and places) in a more natural way. Data was sourced from different places (direct entry by the user and/or their support staff, social media networks, etc.) and combined in a single ‘data web’ that the user could then navigate in order to help them overcome their memory problems.

Key Responsibilities

I was brought into this project as a data engineer, to help improve the matching of knowledge stored in the system to the needs of the user. Unlike a more traditional data request, where the user is aware of the knowledge gap and is seeking to fill it, the users of this system were sometimes not able to accurately articulate their actual requirements – they literally didn’t know that they didn’t know something. As a result, a ‘data web’ was needed, rather than a question/response system.

Key Achievements

Development of a prototype neural network in JavaScript, allowing multiple data sources to provide higher confidence results to user queries

Tech Stack

  • Couchbase
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
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