Mindway Media

Backend Developer

Apr 2016 – Jun 2016


Mindway Media were developing a VoD platform for niche markets, allowing content creators to upload and manage video assets, and deliver them to custom-built mobile apps. I was engaged on a freelance basis to create the administration backend for the system, handling both (video) data and metadata.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and development of backend storage
  • Design and development of administration website for content creators
  • Processing of uploaded content to allow for playback on a wide variety of devices
  • Collaboration with app developers to deliver content and metadata via a stable API

Key Achievements

I successfully delivered a management system which allowed content creators to load their content into the system for delivery to end users. This content was able to be viewed by native iOS app, and additional features such as “most popular” and “promoted content” lists were provided to help end users discover new and interesting content.

Tech Stack

  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript (vanilla)
  • Digital video transcoding (ffmpeg)
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