Mobile Fun Ltd

IT Infrastructure Manager

May 2003 – Jul 2008


Mobile Fun is an award-winning retailer of mobile phones, accessories and digital content. My work allowed the company to scale from a ten person startup in a combined warehouse/office, to a major international re-seller with multi-site offices and warehousing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and maintenance of all IT systems, including co-located Internet infrastructure and local back-office and warehouse systems
  • Design and implementation of scalable Web platform
  • Management of software teams (native backend apps and bespoke e-commerce platform)
  • Digital security and PCI-DSS compliance

Key Achievements

  • Migration of initial database and software to scalable, reliable and high-performance platforms
  • Implementation of site-to-site VPN and “road-warrior” access

Tech Stack

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Linux and Windows (desktops and servers)
  • VPN infrastructure
  • Visual Basic/Access systems
  • Server hardware (Dell)
  • Bespoke email server (Exim, SpamAssassin, ClamAV)
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