This takes me back to my youth. 🙂
There’s more information about what the NES is, visit the Wikipedia article.


Bits I Own: Bits I’d like:


Games I own: Games I’d like:
  • Elite [box] [manual]
  • Gauntlet II [no box] [no manual]
  • Gauntlet II [box] [manual]
  • Ghosts’n Goblins [box] [no manual]
  • Marble Madness [box] [no manual]
  • Operation Wolf [no box] [no manual]
  • Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt [no box] [no manual]
  • Super Mario Bros II [nobox] [nomanual]
  • Super Mario Bros III [no box] [no manual]
  • Zelda [box] [manual]
  • Zelda II [no box] [no manual]
  • …well, any that I haven’t got, actually! 🙂

Wikipedia has a list of NES games – treat it as a shopping list. 🙂

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