Another month, another Catalyst launch

Okay, this one should have happened a couple of weeks ago, but last-minute snags and a lot of other work delayed things slightly.

It’s been a long day, so this’ll be brief, I’m afraid.

I took my second Catalyst app live today (which, strangely, was my first Catalyst app). It’s another 200,000 daily pageview site, but this one is seriously forward facing, so it needs to be perfect. Seems to be holding up okay, but I’ve noticed that my FastCGI process killer is still there, locking up the app every now and then. I’ve got a suspicion it’s a long-running function that’s being slammed, so I’ll be going through the debug logs carefully! I’ve also got a memory leak somewhere, which isn’t good at this request velocity!

I’ve been considering deploying these things  as PAR files, to simplify deployment and stop dependency issues – going to have to look into it more.

I’m definitely feeling some love towards Google Analytics right now as well – I’ve got yesterday’s pageview figures being plotted hourly against today’s, and I can see there’s been no loss in visitors. This is always comforting to know.

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