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Another busy week in the code mines…


I’ve actually been getting my hands dirty with code again this week – both my existing Catalyst based apps are working fine, so just to keep things interesting I’ve got another two apps as work-in-progress and refactoring the existing ones for translations. (more…)

Another month, another Catalyst launch


Okay, this one should have happened a couple of weeks ago, but last-minute snags and a lot of other work delayed things slightly. (more…)

HOWTO: Monitor a FastCGI server using monit


Something strange has been happening to my Catalyst applications – they’ve been running fine (more than fine, actually), but every 7 days or so, the FastCGI server seems to lock up. I’m not sure where the failure is ATM, but the apps need to be available all of the time, so they need monitoring and restarting if there’s an error. I’m already using monit to keep an eye on the system and other running processes, so here’s how I’ve got it checking the FastCGI servers as well. (I could write a Perl script using the FCGI::Client module to do checking, but then I’d have to write a monitor to make sure the monitor was still running :D) (more…)

Busy, busy, busy


Just a quick update for now – I’ve managed to book myself up quite fully. (more…)

One week on – Catalyst still going strong


Last Friday, I took my first Catalyst application live. It was a particularly tense time – this was a live, public facing release of a completely new server stack. The short version: Catalyst rocks! (more…)

Chainsaws and scalpels


I work in Perl – a lot. As a result, I’ve got used to working in Perl, and have maybe grown a little too reliant on it, and some of the features it provides… (more…)

HOWTO: Deploy a Catalyst application using FastCGI and nginx


Note: this is not the canonical way, it just Works For Meâ„¢ – there are, no doubt, vast improvements that could be made. YMMV. (more…)

Padre – the Perl IDE


If you spend any time working in Perl, I think you should a take a look at Padre, the Perl IDE – it’s worth spending a couple of hours looking at, at least. (more…)

Jabber bot


Just a quick update today – been spending some time writing a little Jabber bot. (more…)

Catalyst, nginx and FastCGI – my first bloody nose


Always a glutton for punishment, a recent project to redevelop a website involved changing pretty much every layer of the stack – Apache became nginx, mod_perl became FastCGI, and the custom code was moved into a Catalyst project. Having never seriously worked with any of these before, my first deployment (today!) was an interesting affair. (more…)

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