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HOWTO: Deploy a Catalyst application using FastCGI and nginx


Note: this is not the canonical way, it just Works For Meâ„¢ – there are, no doubt, vast improvements that could be made. YMMV. (more…)

Padre – the Perl IDE


If you spend any time working in Perl, I think you should a take a look at Padre, the Perl IDE – it’s worth spending a couple of hours looking at, at least. (more…)

Jabber bot


Just a quick update today – been spending some time writing a little Jabber bot. (more…)

Catalyst, nginx and FastCGI – my first bloody nose


Always a glutton for punishment, a recent project to redevelop a website involved changing pretty much every layer of the stack – Apache became nginx, mod_perl became FastCGI, and the custom code was moved into a Catalyst project. Having never seriously worked with any of these before, my first deployment (today!) was an interesting affair. (more…)

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