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Another month, another Catalyst launch


Okay, this one should have happened a couple of weeks ago, but last-minute snags and a lot of other work delayed things slightly. (more…)

Busy, busy, busy


Just a quick update for now – I’ve managed to book myself up quite fully. (more…)

One week on – Catalyst still going strong


Last Friday, I took my first Catalyst application live. It was a particularly tense time – this was a live, public facing release of a completely new server stack. The short version: Catalyst rocks! (more…)

HOWTO: Deploy a Catalyst application using FastCGI and nginx


Note: this is not the canonical way, it just Works For Meâ„¢ – there are, no doubt, vast improvements that could be made. YMMV. (more…)

Catalyst, nginx and FastCGI – my first bloody nose


Always a glutton for punishment, a recent project to redevelop a website involved changing pretty much every layer of the stack – Apache became nginx, mod_perl became FastCGI, and the custom code was moved into a Catalyst project. Having never seriously worked with any of these before, my first deployment (today!) was an interesting affair. (more…)

New Year, new look, new stuff


So, it’s 2010 (however you like to pronounce it), it’s out with the old and in with the new! I must confess to having lived in a bit of a bubble for a while, not venturing out of my comfort zone, and so things got a little stale. No longer. (more…)

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