15 years of experience has allowed me to work on a diverse set of projects, from simple website development, to designing and building massive scalable systems. I have gained a solid familiarity of programming languages, ranging from (vanilla) JavaScript in browsers, through backend web development in PHP and Perl, to systems programming in C and C++. Going even deeper, my electronic engineering background means I’m just as capable designing new hardware using a range of microcontroller and microprocessors, and writing the firmware for them in C and assembly language. I take “full stack developer” deeper than some people even realise the stack goes.

A system can only be as good as the overall architecture; simply using a “cloud” provider doesn’t make a system scalable. Identifying potential bottlenecks and points of failure before they occur requires skill and experience, and I have been responsible for constructing globe-spanning systems where failure is not an acceptable option.

Core Skills

  • MySQL Administration
  • Perl
  • Linux System Administration
    • HA: DRBD
    • HA: Heartbeat/Pacemaker
  • Wowza Media Server
  • Video Streaming
  • C++
  • PHP

Portfolio of work

Other Stuff


This site! I haven’t really had much time (or inclination, truth be told) to work on this – I bought the domain mainly to get a nice email address for myself and my family. Still, it’s come in useful, especially for distributing baby photos. 🙂


Small guestbook site I set up, initially as a programming exercise. Since then, people have started signing up, so I can’t turn it off! A bit neglected recently – I should go back and clean up some of the code.


A site I set up mainly for my parents, to keep them informed of the latest Internet scams going around. After a while, I decided to make it a little more general, and have since made it available for everyone. Just my little bit to help educate people using the Internet and hopefully make it a better place.


Local community web site


My other personal website. Nothing there ATM – too busy doing other stuff 🙂

I’ve also got loads of domain names that I haven’t had time to develop, and so I’m considering selling them off. Two currently on offer are:

I’m sure someone could do something with these – set up a music sales site, selling MP3s for download or something? Whatever they do, they’re good domain names (that’s why I bought them) and should do well.

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