Portfolio of work


More about me. 🙂
In particular, about me as a MySQL database administrator. Technical articles and downloads coming soon.

The Freecycle Networkâ„¢

The Freecycle Networkâ„¢ is a global re-gifting movement aimed at reducing the amount of stuff going into landfill. Check out the site for more details.
I’ve been responsible for the redesign of the site and the building of a new, custom built system for Freecycle groups to run on.

Mobile Fun Limited

My previous employers. I didn’t really do much of the web work at the end – I was too busy getting the infrastructure up to scratch. Just some of the things I did:
* Designed and implemented a spam and virus scanning email system
* Upgraded the servers from a single crusty old Cobalt RaQ4 to a trio of nice shiny Dell servers
* Lots of other really, really important stuff…honest!


This site! I haven’t really had much time (or inclination, truth be told) to work on this – I bought the domain mainly to get a nice email address for myself and my family. Still, it’s come in useful, especially for distributing baby photos. 🙂


Small guestbook site I set up, initially as a programming exercise. Since then, people have started signing up, so I can’t turn it off! A bit neglected recently – I should go back and clean up some of the code.


A site I set up mainly for my parents, to keep them informed of the latest Internet scams going around. After a while, I decided to make it a little more general, and have since made it available for everyone. Just my little bit to help educate people using the Internet and hopefully make it a better place.


Local community web site


My other personal website. Nothing there ATM – too busy doing other stuff 🙂

I’ve also got loads of domain names that I haven’t had time to develop, and so I’m considering selling them off. Two currently on offer are:

I’m sure someone could do something with these – set up a music sales site, selling MP3s for download or something? Whatever they do, they’re good domain names (that’s why I bought them) and should do well.

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