Geek, and proud of it

This side up…


I downloaded a copy of the latest Ubuntu release so I could install it on a VM and give it a test.

I thought the extra half-gig of disk space on my laptop could be better used for something else, and I’ve got a massive stack of CD-Rs, and I could probably use it on a physical machine, so I burned the ISO to disc and filed it away.

I came to use the disc today – guess who had written on the wrong side… 🙁

Vista – the devourer of disk space


My new laptop came with Microsoft Vista on it. I thought it might be a good idea to keep it installed, for use on testing websites to make sure they render properly. It may be that I don’t have enough disk space… (more…)

It’s official – the world has gone mad


I’m coaching someone with their PHP skills…

Extensions I’m loving: CoLT


If you find yourself copying and pasting URLs around, this is one a must. (more…)

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