Google takes “I’m feeling lucky” too far

Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button on their search was amusing when it first came out – you don’t get the search results, but go straight to the top hit. Useful for when Google searches actually came up with useful stuff instead of adverts (Back In The Day) but not so much now. It looks like this feature is trying to spread, but in strange ways…

I’m sceptical about Google – I make no secret of nor apologies for that. However, some of the stuff is useful.

Google Docs (online word processor/spreadsheet/presentation tool) is especially useful when I’m sharing documents with teams of people all around the world.

iGoogle (their “build your own portal”) is also quite useful – I can quickly keep common data on their (like USD->GBP currency rates, so I know how much I’m getting paid!)

So, use their widget and combine the two – list your Google Docs on the iGoogle page. Nice! Until you try to ‘Edit settings’, when you’re presented with two options.

“Documents to display” – great!
“???” – Huh? What?

It’s a tickbox, that seems to be ticked by default. I don’t want to untick it lest it eats my documents, but then again I’m not entirely comfortable agreeing to…something.

Do I feel lucky? Not really. I might untick it and see what happens…

Oh, nothi(“£$£%(“%@%—CARRIER LOST—

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