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Increase hard disk capacity – just add a sticker!


While I was waiting for a compile/unit test to finish, I noticed that one of the failed hard disks (a Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250Gb ATA/133 HDD) I was using as a paperweight had two stickers on it. Having nothing better to do, I pulled the top one off, just to see what the changes were. (more…)



Excitement outside the house tonight…

Anyone got any marshmallows?

Packages I’m loving: mrxvt


I use console applications – a lot. When it comes to running multiple programs on a computer, GNU screen is essential, but I find myself connecting to multiple servers and running GNU screen in each. It’s possible to run GNU screen under GNU screen, but it can get messy getting the keyboard shortcuts right. I needed a tabbed terminal program.


Death in the family


Just coming down from putting Alfie to bed, and there’s blue lights flashing outside the house. I live on a road that’s regularly used by the police/ambulance/fire service, so it’s not unusual.
I’m taking the bin bags round to be collected in the morning, and there’s a police car stopped opposite the house. There’s something in the road. Just then, Becki comes flying out of the door and shouts at the policeman.
Becki had seen the flashing lights and looked out of the window. She’d also seen the thing in the road, and she’d recognised what I’d recognised – Izzy’s collar.
Someone had hit Izzy with their car, hadn’t even bothered to stop. Worse, no-one else had bothered to stop either, just driving round her body. The police were just moving it to the side of the road (what else could they do?) when we’d come on the scene.
Judging from the fact that she was still in the middle of the road, she must have been killed outright, so that’s a small mercy. It still didn’t make it any easier to tell Alfie that his favourite cat, the one that would always come over to see him and would play with him in the garden, was never coming back.

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