I’ve been working in Flash – is that ironic, Alanis?

People who know me are familiar with my dislike for Flash, so for me to be doing some work in it might come as a surprise.

Why am I doing it? Just for the Hells of it, really. I’ve been playing around with SWFTools for a while, and I decided to try doing something useful with it – and here it is:

Okay, not exactly Earth-shattering stuff, but not bad for a beginner, I thought. I’m the first to admit I’m no designer, but I was pleased with what I had – a simple call-to-action, that was also useful. I had a lot of “fun” getting the ActionScript behind it working (especially the deceptively simple task of getting the form to submit when you hit the RETURN key).

I don’t think I’ll be giving up my main work in Perl and forging a new career in Flash, but I’m happy that I can probably make some of the creatives for my own projects (at least until I can afford to pay a designer to create some new ones for me!)

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